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Soluciones especializadas, globales y personalizadas para cualquier necesidad lingüística



Do you have some written texts you would like us to translate into one or more languages?

Our specialists can help you with any kind of translation service you may need, from business contracts and patents to technical manuals and clinical-trial documentation.



We can interpret (orally translate) any kind of event, from a business meeting to a medical conference.

According to the situation, we will recommend the most suitable modality (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered or liaison interpreting).


Revisión, corrección y transcreación

Make sure your texts and translations are 100% correct, well written and sound natural in the target language.

What works in one language might not be effective for your target audience!


Gestión de la comunicación

Do you need to call or write to somebody but the language is a barrier? Then you have one problem less!

We can call on your behalf, interpret the conversation with a three-way call, or translate your e-mails.

The Philosophy

behind Specialized Translators

Preferiríamos no ofrecerle el servicio antes que brindarle una calidad mediocre

We are not a standard company. Think of us more as a network of translators, interpreters and proofreaders, who share the same love for their work, professional standards, and values.

We are all equally committed to offering our clients nothing but a premium-quality service. How? Through specialization, our main differentiating factor.

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Somos diferentes



Solo se encargarán de su proyecto los traductores más especializados en ese campo, puesto que un conocimiento profundo de los conceptos y de la jerga del sector es imprescindible para conseguir un resultado excelente.


Resolución de problemas

Si busca socios cuyo objetivo sea resolver sus problemas y necesidades de manera proactiva, ha llegado a su destino.


Colaboración a largo plazo

We don’t want to be a mere service provider, but rather a partner you can rely on 100%.

Your success will mean our success.


Respuesta rápida

Le contestaremos de forma inmediata, ¡a veces incluso más rápido que una respuesta automática!

Clientes para los que trabajamos

Cómo contactar con nosotros

Correo electrónico


(+34) 689 659 118

Dónde estamos

Spain-based company with an international network of professionals all over the world.

We are wherever you need us to be!

Cómo recibir un presupuesto aún más rápido

If you need a quote for a (written) translation, proofreading, editing or transcreation project, please e-mail us the text.

If you are interested in an interpreting service, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or filling in the form below. In order to provide you with a quote, we will kindly need to know what kind of event it is, where and when it is taking place, the requested language combinations, and approx. how many people will attend. Based on this information, we will be glad to recommend the most suitable interpreting solution.

We are looking forward to working together very soon!


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